This exterior elevation photo shows the laminated metallic screen used in this IGU application on select areas of the exterior glazed wall system. The aim of the designer was to control glare, create privacy as well as a design element. There are a number of options available which include additional metallic and fabric patterns.

This close-up photo of the laminated metallic screen on this IGU glass unit as installed in the exterior glazed wall system. The metallic and fiber screens may be used both as laminated or as components in an IGU application for both interior and exterior conditions. In this case, the metallic screen will have different decorative effects for the observer based on the sunlight’s angle and interior lighting levels.

Using a light texture top layer, this laminated glass application allows for safely carrying the foot traffic and achieving high visibility for the recessed display

The artist in this exterior exhibit requested use of a Dichroic glass panel, which was laminated with layers of low-iron clear, allowing for a walkable layer and supporting layer below to carry the foot traffic. The jigsaw pattern cut created the artist’s desired effect with an edge tolerance of under 1.5mm.

Anther example of a walkable light texture layer used in conjunction with low-iron clear glass to highlight the exhibit space recessed in the floor area of the Soccer Museum.

A popular affect among some designers, this laminated glass panel features layers of tempered glass with one layer intentionally fractured to create a decorative effect. The glass panels may be used for display or as part of a walking floor application with the other layers allowing for the traffic load. This effect may also include a colored interlayer which, when backlight, creates different effects depending on the angle and color filter chosen.

This compound segmented laminated curve application features a colored interlayer which is cut in to create a striped effect.

Close-up of the metal mesh used for different applications including shading, privacy and as a decorative element. The mesh is placed in the interlayer layer and encased by lamination allowing use as either as a laminated unit or component of an IGU panel.

These low-iron tempered, laminated stair treads feature embedded hardware for mounting to the wall surface for a cleaner look. Also observe that the finished application included an LED insert for effect.