Currently the only all-aluminum one and two hour rated glazing system, it features both fixed and operable doors for interior applications. These ASTM E119 / UL 263 tested, UL listed and labeled systems feature:

Aluminum filled sections, available in clear and colored anodized finishes as well as Polyester and Kynar painted finishes, feature Laminated Intumescent glass for fixed and door panel areas, and select options for hardware

Similar in profile look to conventional aluminum storefront and curtain wall frame designs, this fire rated system allows for a better design match.

Framing system available in similar storefront profile, as well as select curtain wall profiles to meet one and two hour rated design requirements.

Door units available in 20, 45, 60 and 90 minute ratings. Common door heights of 80″, 84″ 90″ and 96″ as well as select custom door heights available.

As a rated system, the components consisting of framing, door panels, rated glass and hardware are included as part of the pricing. Components are not sold separately.

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Combining aluminum framing at the perimeter of opening and optional butt-glazing, an approach allowed under its UL listing, it allows for larger glass panels as well as eliminating vertical intermediates creating a cleaner look. Available for both one and two hour rated wall applications, the fully tempered and Laminated Intumescent glass panels meet all safety requirements under the Code, ADA and comply with 16 CFR Part 1201 requirements.

The cleaner look of the one hour rated doors allows this office to create an inviting open feel for clients. The two active panels using exit devices allow for handling of high traffic, and lever handles at exterior fully comply with ADA requirements.

Logos can be easily applied using Class A Mylar printed signage, typically available locally, and more intricate designs could be custom ordered.

For this application at a University, the doors provide good traffic flow, maintain required rating for the compartments accessed through the hallway while also maintaining excellent visibility. The clear glazing allows for enhanced security for occupants, students and visitors using the facility due to the openness created by the design.

An ADA consideration is to pair one set of doors with a power assist operator system allowing easier use by those in wheelchairs and requiring extra time for transiting the door openings.

Interior applications with pattern cut or segmented glass panels for curved wall conditions are possible with fixed frames both for one and two hour rated wall applications.

The aluminum fire rated system features both a storefront style for one hour rated wall applications, as well as the curtain wall style shown on this project, which is available for one and two hour rated wall requirements. It can be combined with rated glass doors compatible with the systems.

The curtain wall design uses the same glass installation approach as conventional systems, making detailing and installation very similar.

In this University Dorm setting, private meeting areas are created using transparent rated glass wall partitions within the common areas. The framing design and Laminated Intumescent glass panels used on fixed areas and door provide acoustical relief, reducing sound transmission and maintaining suitable conditions for both the meeting rooms and commons area.

Hardware options available include preparation for card access control systems and power assist among others.

The exterior of this student space application features a one hour rated system with doors as well as provision for a pair of 90 degree corner conditions.